POLYTEDA develops breakthrough technology and PV toolset that are key for industrial competences that determine the competitiveness of the EDA market and each individual IC design team.

POLYTEDA`s flagship tool - PowerDRC/LVS is an efficient and innovative cloud-ready tool for physical verification of integrated circuits covering principal DRC and LVS tasks both in single- and multi-CPU modes. The tool has been qualified for the variety of process nodes up to 40nm. It was many times tested and evaluated against main competitive tool showing steady performance benefit, which grows with increasing of layout design size and complexity. Lots of memory chips, microcontrollers, analog blocks and other IP were verified and proven in silicon with PowerDRC/LVS, thus the tool satisfies needs in PV of  almost all tier1/tier2/tier2 semiconductor foundries.

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PowerRDE is a GUI application that allows user to create DRC, LVS or XOR run configuration, save it in a run configuration file (RCF), read a saved configuration, run PowerDRC/LVS, view run progress, review results, debug violations, etc.

PowerRDE allows to run PowerDRC/LVS in multi-CPU mode on a single host or multiple hosts controlled by Platform LSF and Oracle Grid Engine (SGE).

PowerRDE can be integrated into Cadence Virtuoso, SpringSoft Laker or KLayout environments with scripts provided in PowerDRC/LVS installation package.