Our Customer

Academic Customer in INDIA.

Cadre Design Systems emerged on the corporate horizon as a professional sales/technical support company specializing in high-end technology TCAD, EDA tools, SPICE Modeling & fabrication services for education, commercial and R&D sector. CDS Initially set up with seed capital invested by its founders, Cadre is a fully self funded business. The company specializes in Sales and Support TCAD & EDA simulation software and providing related technical services to the semiconductor industry. We engage our customers in deep technical discussions in order to learn their needs and work together with customer to provide a solutions that meet their real needs. With our technical strength and the readiness for deep and long term involvement, we are confident in providing service of the highest quality. Today, CDS offers world-class products and 'just-in-time' service to its customers. Well-equipped to tackle any challenge, CDS offers immediate feedback and top-of-the-line solutions. Total commitment to customer satisfaction is what drives CDS forward. CDS Based in Saharanpur (U.P), Delhi and Pune, Bangalore for the proximity of clients apart from resident engineers in other states to provide full support.