Training Programme

CDS provide industrial consultancy and training on FPGA / ASIC Design and TCAD Design (Process and Device Simulation of Semiconductor devices).

Academic and Research Project Work

B.Tech EC & CS Projects / M.Tech (EC & VLSI) and PhD Thesis work on VLSI / Semiconductor Devices.

Short Term Course on VLSI Design and Technology for Engineering College Students.

ASIC Design (Analog Design & AMS Design Flows).

  • Make Circuit Schematic.
  • Circuit Simulation using SPICE Simulator.
  • Making of circuit Layout and Verification(DRC,RC,LVS) of Circuit and Layout.
  • RTL to GDS Flow.


  • Over view of VHDL & Verilog. Start a new FPGA design.
  • Create a schematic using the graphic editor.
  • Convert schematic and HDL files into schematic symbols.
  • Configure an FPGA.

TCAD Training (Process and Device Simulation).

Basic Training on TCAD Tools:

PROCESS Simulation (Visual FAB & Suprem4) : Users will learn the specifics of this process simulation tool, in terms of syntax and introduction of various models to simulate fabrication process flows.

STRUCTURE EDITOR (Visual Editor /GDS2MESH): The class will show you how to create 2D and 3D device structures, import structures from a prior process simulation step, make boundary simplifications and properly mesh structures for any subsequent device simulations.

DEVICE (Genius 2D & 3D): The class covers the basics how to simulate the electrical characteristics of devices created with PROCESS and/or STRUCTURE EDITOR.

To benefit the most from the material presented in this course, you should have a good understanding of the physics involved in the fabrication process of  microelectronic devices and/or microelectronic device physics.

After completing this VLSI training course, you will be able to learn a Complete CHIP Design Procedure.